Auto Damage Caused by Hail, How Do You Go About Getting It Fixed?

Picture this…

You just bought, or leased, a new car. You pull into your driveway, park your brand new car that you just spend a moderate fortune on, and go inside your house. Half an hour later a thunderstorm seems to fire up out of nowhere. At first it is just rain, then the rain becomes much louder, then you noticed that what you thought was just rain is actually big chunks of ice hurling out of the sky. Golf-ball sized pieces of hard ice are covering the ground, pinging off the roof of your house and pelting with brutal force anything and everything that comes across its path. Suddenly it hits you… Your brand new vehicle is just sitting out there in this weather totally unprotected and vulnerable to the forces of nature. You run outside after hitting the button to open the garage door in a frantic attempt to rescue your new investment. You start it up, pull it into the garage and get out to make sure that it hasn’t been damaged by the storm.

Upon examining your car, you realize that there are a couple of really big, ugly dents looking you right in the eyes. This is your worst nightmare, you haven’t even owned this car for twenty-four hours and it is totally destroyed! You stop and wonder if you can go take it back without them noticing the damage. Unfortunately, warranties don’t cover damages caused by a natural disaster or “acts of God” as some might call it. You really can’t afford to spend a whole lot of money to get this fixed, but what choice do you have? So you go out and spend $35 on a do-it-yourself dent repair kit. When it is time to remove the dent you pull out on the device and you hear a great cracking sound – great! It worked – This is you being optimistic. When you remove the device from the dent, you realize that the paint has peeled and instead of a round dent, the area of your car in question is now totally folded. That DIY repair kit just costed you another small fortune. Folds are much more expensive than a dent to have fixed. You finally decide that it is time to go to a shop and have it fixed. The guy at the shop comes out to quote the damage and says: “Okay, that fold is going to run you about $1,300, the paint will be $370 to touch up, and those dents will be about a $100 a piece to fix.”

I bet you wish you had just taken your car in before you tried to fix it yourself, right? No matter how hard you may try to avoid it, dents and dings in your vehicle happen from time to time. It can be from a tree limb, or more likely a hailstorm, but the fact remains, that these dents can be really expensive things to get fixed on a vehicle. There are a lot of options for this type of situation and getting those dents fixed without spending a whole pile of money in an effort to keep your car looking nice. But the question is, how well do these “do it yourself” options really work?

When it comes to your car, repairs can be a total imposition to have fixed, but not getting them fixed can leave you feeling embarrassed, self-conscious and wishing that you had just taken the risk and used the carport or underground parking.

Although the dents caused by hail are just cosmetic damages, they can still be really annoying to have lingering on your vehicle. Not to mention that they can be a major driving distraction to you and other drivers on the road. This can be a dangerous situation because if something distracts a person while they are driving a vehicle, there is a potential for accidents to happen, and ultimately damage to you, or further damage to your vehicle.

Now, there are a lot of available “do it yourself” options to repair cosmetic damage to a vehicle that has been caused by hail. The problem with these options is that they really don’t work all that well. Most of the time, the home fix methods have a pretty good chance at stripping the paint off your car, which can cost you way more money in the long run. In addition to the potential to mess up your paint job, these DIY options can sometimes make the problem worse, which means that you will have spent money trying to fix something yourself, and cost yourself a fortune in the process.

When it comes to dents in your vehicle and getting rid of them without a trace, is the way to go. We specialize in this sort of thing, it’s what we are trained to do. Many people are under the impression that dents can just be “banged out” with a hammer, or pulled out with a suction cup. But only people who are well-versed in this sort of thing are able to fix dents like this and have it actually work.

When your car has suffered from hail damage, you should not hesitate to call Let our professionals do what they do best. Although it may be very tempting to buy a DIY kit and try to fix the problem yourself, these kits don’t work even half as good as they say on the package. In fact, the use of one of these kits can actually cost you way more money than you can afford to spend. This is because they require a lot of skill to be able to use properly and efficiently, and a lot of the time they can make matters much worse than the original problem.

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